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The Sintesi restaurant was born in Ariccia and it summarizes our food and wine journey and our life experiences. We want to bring ethical and concept cuisine to the tables of our land.


Sintesi means synthesize, summarize in the dish and eliminating the excess.

Promoting a harmony of senses in an elegant but formal environment, designed to give you moments of leisure and aggregation.


We love our daily work. Every day we go in person to our trusted suppliers and touch with our hands the products that we will then serve at the restaurant.

We want to represent the concept of Sintesi as the union of different elements in nature and origin, as a culinary contamination derived from travel and experiences, and finally as a return to the origins and rediscovery of the traditions of the territory.


Our wine list is the result of careful selection in order to offer a limited number of labels that change and alternate with the changing season and the final menu.

In fact, you will find familiar names alongside more refined labels, to satisfy all our guests. Alongside the best-known types, we have included some natural wines that we hope will be a pleasant discovery for your senses.


No dish is better than its ingredients.
For this reason, every day we are committed to promoting local products and our territory.

Year of birth: 1992

Roman cook Alma diploma.

She works as an intern at Caino, Milan Expo 2015 where her curiosity to discover new cultures and cuisines arises. Her first experience abroad was in Oxford, where she worked as a sous chef and then moved to Copenhagen at the Noma. At the end of this experience she moved to Geranium where she learned the aesthetic vision and the extreme attention to details. Finally, her last experience before returning to Italy was in Sydney for Neil Perry’s Rockpool restaurant, permanently present in the 50th Best Discovery Restaurant.


Year of birth: 1993

Pastry chef from Marche, graduated from the Hotel Management Institute of Cingoli.

Chief pastry chef at Caino for three years. Later he moved to England where he worked as Chef de partie at the Oxford Kitchen restaurant and then moved as an intern to the Noma in Copenhagen and Sous Chef to the Brace. At the end of his Scandinavian experience he went to the Bennelong in the famous Opera House in Sidney. In the last Australian period, he worked at Fich Butchery, where he gained a great deal of experience in working and enhancing fish dishes.

pagina vino filosofia

Year of birth: 1994


Master’s degree in primary education. Graduated AIS sommelier in February 2018. She starts working as a sommelier for the Italian Sommelier Association, where she had the opportunity to experiment and increase her experience and knowledge. She took part in several meetings on wine and other drinks,  became a beer taster and sake sommelier.

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